Assignment briefing:

RKS sends a welcome e-mail to the assignee. In this mail the assignee is asked to fill out a questionnaire with regards to his/her/the family’s needs. In the following telephone contact, the assignee will be informed about all the procedures that RKS will handle for him/her/the family. In this call, the questionnaire (needs assessment) for the relevant services will be discussed extensively, expectations and a clear timeline are set.


Welcome meeting:

The welcome meeting usually is the first personal meeting between consultant in the field and assignee. The consultant will provide the first information and takes the time to answer questions.

Welcome package:

The welcome package contains general information about the country that the assignee (and possible spouse/family) moves to and specific information about the area that is selected.

Should you wish other services than those included in our list we would be happy to make a tailor made package . We can include most requirements from your HR policy regarding relocation/expatriation.